Modern Franchise Magazine August 2013 - Page 52

franchise leadership The need to ensure that there is adequate intercultural induction and training for international transfers and appointments is something that has been highlighted at times by a number of public departures of high-profile senior executives who were employed directly from overseas. An unspoken but possible contributing factor may have been difficulty in reconciling underlying and unrecognised cultural differences which may have been at play. Franchise (and franchise employee) inductions should also include specific training on the business culture of the region and the franchise culture within the particular franchise. Often one or both of these is overlooked. This research report reinforces the value and need for intercultural skills in franchising and within the workplace. With an increasingly mobile global workforce, and an increasing diverse franchisee profile, businesses need their staff to know how to work effectively in teams, to communicate in, and to have the skills to negotiate different social and cultural environments. Our colleagues, customers, franchisees and employees will come from a diverse backgrounds. Failing to adequately understand and communicate effectively with stakeholders will impact on the ability to build strong relationships as well as having a negative impact on business performance. The Ipsos Public Affairs research shows a clear demand for these skills around the globe and that intercultural skills bring added benefits and improve performance across all areas of business. For a full copy of the report visit: ments/culture-at-work-research.pdf. Original source: Holona and Trish Lui Holona has considerable experience and expertise in his specialist areas of team development especially high performance teams, project management for learning and development programmes and communications, particularly for Pacific communities. He regularly provides advice on communicating with Pacific Peoples and co-conducted Pacific Analysis Framework policy training for a wide range of public sector and non-government organisations. T: +64 4 938 8183 M: +64 274 439 345 E: W: 52 | Modern Franchise Magazine maxiom