Modern Franchise Magazine August 2013 - Page 50

franchise leadership Cultural Diversity is Essential to Franchise Success: New Report Intercultural Skills Bring Added Benefits to the Franchise Sector cultural backgrounds of many franchisees, of the need for adequate cultural awareness and communication training in business. The research poll was conducted by Ipsos Public Affairs on behalf of the British Council and Booz By Holona Lui Allen Hamilton. The research found that nearly twothirds (60%) of employers around the world* said that intercultural skills, or the ability to work Cultural Diversity and the benefits of intercultural effectively with individuals and organizations from skill to businesses are increasingly becoming a cultural backgrounds different from their own, was more explicit conversation, particularly in the franchise sector. This new research adds weight to very important to their organization. For franchises the importance is even higher. the conversation. The ability to demonstrate respect for others, build trust and to work effectively in diverse teams are three key intercultural skills most valued by franchisors and employers globally in the workplace. These ‘soft skills’ were identified in a recently published research poll by Ipsos Public Affairs on Culture at Work-The value of intercultural skills in the workplace. The research adds weight to the growing recognition, with an increasingly global workforce and the diverse The research involved some 367 large employers, including leading franchises in nine countries. The poll found that businesses mainly understand intercultural skills to be the ability to understand diffe ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Q?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????((?????5????????????5?????()????((0