Modern Franchise Magazine August 2013 - Page 45

are and how to counteract them. Stressmanagement strategies fall into two categories - distraction and resolution. Distraction techniques include taking exercise, breathing deeply, walking round the block or merely extracting yourself from a situation 6 Psychologists* have identified some of the factors that make someone resilient: a positive attitude; optimism; the ability to regulate emotions and the view that failure provides helpful feedback for future success Ask for help - You don't have to do this alone; resilient people know when to reach out to others - and who best to turn to. Do you have this strength of network? If not, it might make sense to map it out and expand your support network where required Deal with conflict - Conflict occurs when our views differ from those of another person - so we have to deal with conflict every day. 7 Improve decision making - Resilience requires you to make rather than avoid decisions. Resilient people trust their own judgment, but aren't afraid to change their minds They know that decisions are rarely irreversible and that procrastination is the enemy of resilience 8 maxiom Modern Franchise Magazine | 45