Modern Franchise Magazine August 2013 - Page 44

franchise leadership The Ability to Bounce Back Resilient Leadership By Caroline Evans 2013 looks set to test the resilience of business leaders as the economic outlook remains uncertain across most business sectors in Australia and we expect to see further political instability, as the current Government and Prime Minister’s tenuous grip on parliament is further tested in election year. During this uncertainty, workers look to their leaders for hope, consistency and action, as they become more concerned about their own futures and financial security as media reports of company restructures and job losses continue. Hope, consistency and action are best delivered by resilient leaders. Resilience is the ability to bounce back, to quickly return to a positive state following challenges and adversity. Lack of resilience can result in leadership failure for the business and significant personal consequences for the leader themselves: Leaders can develop greater resilience by following these steps**: 1 Visualise success - Resilient people create their own vision of success. This helps them achieve their goals by providing a clear sense of where they're headed Boost your self-esteem - Identify what you're good at, what can you feel positive about? Remind yourself of these things regularly. Recognise what other people appreciate about you, allow others to praise you, and resist the temptation to brush compliments aside. Focus on your positives and praise yourself Enhance your efficacy - take control Resilient people believe they can make a difference and be successful. Become more optimistic - Optimism is one of the most important characteristics of resilient people; it is vitally important to look on the bright side, have confidence in your own abilities, and salvage what you can from problematic situations. Manage stress - Sources of stress are unique to you: to boost your resilience, you need to identify what your stressors 2 3 4 5 44 | Modern Franchise Magazine maxiom