Modern Franchise Magazine August 2013 - Page 43

1. What inspired you to start The Velden Agency? What are your goals and values? I was disillusioned with the way I saw digital agencies interacting in a B2B environment - and realised they were not progressing the understand of digital in a marketing context. I wanted to offer businesses a chance to receive high quality, affordable and personalised digital marketing services and when I couldn’t find an employer who shared this, I started my own business. 2. What was the driving force behind your decision to specialise in digital? I believe digital will be the key marketing mechanism in the future and I wanted to be apart of that. As a ‘digital native’ it comes easy to me, it excites me and I enjoy the work entirely. 3. What types of customers do you help? Generally, we focus on small to medium enterprise, however we have worked with larger clients in the past. 4. What are the main reasons that someone would choose The Velden Agency to help grow their business? I believe our commitment to good work, personal service and our price points are why we attract and maintain our clients. It’s simple, but it works. 6. What process, services and support do your clients receive? We have a comprehensive reporting, analytics and briefing system in place to ensure clients are informed every step of the way. Our ultimate goal at the end of a campaign or month is to demonstrate the return on investment for our clients and the subsequent growth. Again, simple, but effective. 7. What challenges did you face in setting up your business? Being 22 when I first established the business was difficult. It sounds superficial, but it plays apart in getting clients to trust you and understand. However, as I began to work I was able to let that speak for itself. Another challenge is employing the right people to work for your business. I have been fortunate thus far. Of course, I have to admit a difficult client here or there are a challenge and sometimes you have to accept that you can not service everyone. 8. Tell us about some of the expectations that you had. Have they been met? I expected to work hard running the agency, but it’s a lot harder than I anticipated. This it outweighed by the satisfaction I get with helping my clients achieve goals. 9. What types of services do you offer? I will be establishing a ‘Reporting and Insights’ component to the business - whereby we independently assess the impact, ROI and general effectiveness of digital marketing campaigns. maxiom Modern Franchise Magazine | 43