Modern Franchise Magazine August 2013 - Page 40

franchise marketing Business Owners Are Stuck They are stuck because a number of years ago they worked out series of actions required selling their product and now those actions no longer work. At first they tried ads in the paper and yellow pages, maybe telemarketing and made the phone ring. But lately no matter how much money gets spent it is becoming harder to get the phone to ring. The Yellow pages and national papers are dying for advertisers. It is highly debatable whether social media is really the media to reach the audience (it can be a huge waste of time and effort). The radio is hard to measure and TV too expensive. The business owner often thinks they just need to polish what they’ve got, but what they really need is to let it go. Too many leaders are still trying to perfect an old fashioned Western Roll when what they should be doing is experimenting with the Fosbury Flop. Entire industries are following people who are following people, who are following people who are lost. When you try to sell yourself by following everyone else you will soon become invisible. I cannot tell you what the Fosbury Flop is for your industry but it exists. Your job is to keep your mind open and find first. The good thing is that hardly anyone else is even looking. PS: For a free video on the Fosbury Flop of client getting strategies go to: Richard Petrie Richard is a former international cricketer from New Zealand and author of the book the Persuasion Equation, writes on his web site and develops research backed sales processes to increase conversion. If you have a question, comment or want to reach Richard he is available at 40 | Modern Franchise Magazine maxiom