Modern Franchise Magazine August 2013 - Page 4

contents Volume 3 Number 5 Regular Features 6 EDITOR’S NOTE 8 NEWS A roundup of the latest in business, product, people and event news in the franchising world, to help you stay in the loop, with a special section on technology that is changing the franchise sector and the future of employment Read More… Special Features 30 Sequential Pricing Increases Retail Profits New technologies, such as radio-frequency identification (RFID), allow brick-and-mortar retailers to monitor customer preferences in real time. Read More… 16 EVENTS The 2013 calendar is packed with trade shows where you can network and learn, including the first ever Global Franchise Fair! 58 The Future of Employment in Australia Employment levels impact franchisee recruitment. Every job, every profession, every human activity is currently being redefined. Franchising is one sector likely to be effected most. Read More… 26 BUSINESS Effectively leasing commercial space - As a franchise tenant, you will want to prepare yourself for lease negotiations with a franchisor, commercial landlord or their real estate agent. Read More… 34 FRANCHISEES Perhaps you're considering entering into a franchise agreement, because you think it will help you have a better work/life balance. You hope that by "being your own boss", you'll have better control of your life. Your personal circumstances may be making it difficult for you to balance employment with family and other commitments Read More… Cover Photo: The Global Franchise Fair 4 | Modern Franchise Magazine maxiom