Modern Franchise Magazine August 2013 - Page 36

buying a franchise What to Look For in a Franchise 2 Adequate support Since you’re entering unknown territory, it is the franchisor’s responsibility to ensure that you are adequately equipped to run a successful unit. And that means providing adequate operational training to your staff, implementing a solid marketing and communication plan for the brand and advising you on how to run a profitable franchise business. In fact, some franchisors help with the real estate decision and financing requirements too. At the time of reviewing the terms of the disclosure document and franchise agreement, be sure to understand the implications if you part ways at any stage. This is important business franchise information 6 Key Factors to Consider By Andrew Brown There are many factors that you should consider when choosing which franchise is best for you. While this list is by no means comprehensive the following are 6 key factors you should consider. 1 Attention to Your Needs This will be apparent right from you initial enquiry. If you find that the franchisor is laid back or complacent, takes thier time to get back to you or send information, you’re better off without them. For a franchisee to make money, it is essential that the franchisor act as the driving force. A non-responsive franchisor is better left untouched. 36 | Modern Franchise Magazine maxiom