Modern Franchise Magazine August 2013 - Page 34

buying a franchise Managing Your Own Expectations as a Franchisee Franchise brochures (and expert franchise salespeople) will put a positive "spin" on the work/life balance which franchisees may achieve. Before you sign on the "dotted line" and enter into a franchise agreement, there are some very important considerations, which will impact on your work/life balance: Consider Your Work/life Balance before Entering into a Franchise Agreement By Andrew Brown Perhaps you're considering entering into a franchise agreement, because you think it will help you have a better work/life balance. You hope that by "being your own boss", you'll have better control of your life. Your personal circumstances may be making it difficult for you to balance employment with family and other commitments. In situations like this, franchising is a very attractive option. Remember that franchisors are in business to make money. In that sense, many franchisors are no different to employers when it comes to their motivations. Just because a franchisee is paying the franchisor, there is no guarantee that they will be treated any 34 | Modern Franchise Magazine maxiom