Modern Franchise Magazine August 2013 - Page 32

MODERN FRANCHISE: BOOK WIZ Accurate and organised bookkeeping is the key to managing your business finances. So for many businesses that don’t have this expertise in house they outsource this to professional bookkeeping services. In this month’s Modern Franchise we chat with Martine Hoosen from Bookwiz who talks to us about her decision to franchise her business and why using a professional bookkeeping service can bring your life back into balance. 1. What was the driving force behind your decision to Franchise? The main reason that I decided to Franchise Bookwiz was because I was just not able to keep up with the amount of work that was being referred to me. Small to medium business are becoming more and more dependent on quality bookkeepers and even with the regulating of the bookkeeping industry I was still being called in to fix the messes that a lot of bookkeepers were creating. systems that ensure my clients receive a quality and efficient Service. We currently service clients in industries such as; Legal Practices, Restaurants and Food Retail, Marketing Agencies and Manufacturing just to name a few. We have a strong understanding of the Franchise sector and have been servicing franchised business for several years both for Franchisees and Franchisors. 3. What are the main reasons that someone I felt that a lot of business owners were really being would choose Bookwiz to look after the bookkeeping needs? let down. As I obviously could not service all the clients being referred with my existing team I felt that Franchising would be the best way to The reason someone would choose Bookwiz for continue to take on clients and ensure they their bookkeeping needs is because we have were getting a great service. qualified bookkeepers that are extremely service focused. And for any Bookkeeper looking 2. What experience do you have and what to come on board as a Bookwiz Franchisee, they can be assured that they would be joining a industries and sectors do you service? team of professionals that really support Because Bookwiz has been operating since 2001, each other. The great thing about a Bookwiz we have been able to gain experience in a broad Franchise is that we are modelled to be a business that can be run from a home office. This is range of industries and have create streamlined 10 | Careers Magazine 32 | Modern Franchise Magazine maxiom maxiom