Modern Franchise Magazine August 2013 - Page 24

regulation The Devil is in the Details The Code Review Inquiry Recommendations Have Been Accepted - But is the Devil in the Details By Andrew Brown Wein stated in his letter to the Minister “We have a good franchise industry model in Australia and l have sought to improve upon that model with the recommendations put forward in this review. Generally, the Code operates effectively within a very dynamic and difficult economic environment. However, like most industries, there are changes that could be made to improve upon what is already a robust model.” The federal governmant has recently accepted most of the changes recommended to the This all sounds good until you read further into the Franchising Code of Conduct by the Code Review report and take note of some of its’ more Inquiry. interesting recommendations. The Franchise Council of Australia has backed the The major change pushed by the review is its recommendations contained in the review recommendation to incorporate the common law conducted by franchising expert Alan Wein. duty of good faith into the code, rather than 24 | Modern Franchise Magazine maxiom