Modern Franchise Magazine August 2013 - Page 20

feature can heat and cook the food while the arm can apply mechanical transformations, such as compressions, elongations, and torsion, as well as control the location of the food underneath the tool head. These transformation processes allow cooks to exert highly localized and repeatable food manipulations that would be impossible to achieve through traditional cooking methods. Virtuoso Mixer Concept The Virtuoso Mixer is a machine composed of a three-layer rotating carousel that provides cooks with an efficient way to mix multiple ingredient variations and experiment with subtle differences in taste and composition. At the top layer, we find eight containers that can be filled with off-the-shelf ingredients and are outfitted with weight scales, as well as temperature It is outfitted with an array of thermoelectric heating and cooling elements and an insulating glass cover for quickly baking and modifying the temperature of the produced mixtures. The machine’s interface is designed to allow users to easily and rapidly experiment with different ingredient combinations. As ingredients move from the top to lower layers, they can be combined in precisely controlled amounts, crushed and mixed to different degrees, and eventually be extruded to compile food samples made of discrete layers with varying thicknesses. The large range of possible combinations allows chefs to quickly design, produce and evaluate (by tasting) several ingredient combinations. The final digital recipes can eventually be saved, shared with other machines or users (anywhere in the world), or be simply retrieved by the same machine for the future preparation of a meal. Conclusion Far from simply bringing the production of processed food to the home, these Digital Gastronomy machines attempt to use the most advanced food technologies and techniques to retain the freshness of ingredients, increase the potential for personal creative expression and develop a new and tighter connection between food production and our digital lives. Inamge what chefs can create when are no longer boundaries between the delivery of fresh and and humidity sensors for monitoring the properties amazing tasting food and its’ structure composition and quantity of food they contain. or avilability The middle layer houses eight mixing containers with several types of crushing and mixing devices. These technologies cannot only expand the palette available to cooks today, but can also do it in a networked, collaborative and accessible fashion, The final, lower layer, functions as an extrusion tray akin to the digital design and fabrication revolution where the final ingredient mixture is deposited. that is well under way in industrial design, medicine and ar chitecture. 20 | Modern Franchise Magazine maxiom