Modern Business Magazine May 2016 - Page 14

MODERN COMPANY Embedding amazing customer service through storytelling By Shawn Callahan I f you peer through the glass doors of an Apple outlet just before opening time, you’ll see the blue-uniformed employees huddled in the middle of the store in focused conversation. One of the topics will be the previous day’s net promoter scores, where employees have asked customers to rate the possibility, based on the service they’ve received, that 14 ModernBusiness May 2016 they’ll recommend the store to their friends and families. If an employee has scored a 10, which means ‘Most definitely’, the manager says to the group something like, ‘Yesterday Jen got a 10’. Everyone claps. The manager then says to Jen, ‘Why don’t you share what happened when that guy came in with the iPad mini’. After Jen has told the story, the manager praises her for her good work. The other employees have just ٥ɥͱ)ɥݡЁ́х́Ѽٔ)хѽȁ͕٥)Ёѽɕ̰ѡɔɔ)Ʌѥѕ́ȁ͹)̵ͅɽ́ɽ̸%ѕ)ٕ䁑хȁЁЁ((0