Modere Catalog Volume 5 Issue 3 - Page 37

HEALTH & WELLNESS SMARTSHIP & SAVE UP TO 15% TARGETED HEALTH See page 69 Probiotic Immune Health Revolutionary encapsulation technology ensures more beneficial bacteria survive to reach your gut intact. Immune Health is designed to promote proper immune function with a potent blend of supportive ingredients.* • 5 billion friendly bacteria colonize up to 5 times better than typical uncoated strains • Assists the body with its natural immune function* • Helps relieve discomfort caused by imbalanced gut flora* • Supports respiratory health* $29.99 30ct $25.99 50ct Eye Health Fiber Our Eye Health supplement helps guard against the effects of blue light from everyday digital devices like smart phones, and fluorescent and LED lighting.* Our Fiber supplement is formulated with psyllium husk to give you 24% of the recommended daily value in every serving. • Supports macular health and normal vision* • 2x the fiber of leading brands per serving • Helps you feel less hungry between meals* • Lutein and zeaxanthin help protect eyes by filtering blue light from digital devices* $36.99 60ct *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. $22.99 240g 37