Modere Catalog Volume 5 Issue 1 - Page 6

PERFECT 10 We certify the highest quality ingredients PERFECT 10 Q U A L I T Y 1. Assess the origin for 100% nutritional ingredients 2. Analyze 100% of incoming raw materials for identity 3. Identify botanicals by species and genus via HPTLC We develop innovative, safe and effective formulas 4. Consult our Scientific Board of doctors and scientists with 250 years of combined expertise and 17 advanced degrees 5. 100% of finished goods tested for micro-organisms and active ingredients 6. 100% irradiation testing of botanicals for nutritional products We manufacture with care 7. 100% manufactured in the U.S.A. 8. Recyclable packaging 9. 100% of products follow higher nutritional cGMP standards OUR 10-STEP QUALITY PROCESS MAKES EVERY PRODUCT PERFECT While other companies deliver on some quality standards, Modere delivers on a Perfect 10 every time 6 MODERE 2018 CATALOG 10. Allergen-segregated storage Modere Perfect 10 quality means more than a superior final product; it’s an assurance that quality, safety and transparency are our top priorities from start to finish. 7