Modere Catalog Volume 4 Issue 1 - Page 55

PERSONAL CARE BODY Soothing Lotion Shower Gel Formulated with aloe vera and calming botanicals, our Soothing Lotion helps provide moisturizing relief to sunburnt or dry skin. Made with pomegranate and other nourishing ingredients, our Shower Gel gives you a luxurious lather without the sulfates. • The sweet, gentle foam is made from a natural sugar derivative • Great for after-sun skincare • Gently formulated with 7 soothing botanicals $17.99 • Gently exfoliates with natural, soothing ingredients for silky, smooth skin 125ml $13.99 350ml Deodorant Skin Veil Stay fresh with our aluminum-free Deodorant. It’s formulated with coriander, sage, eucalyptus and aloe vera to naturally protect you from odor throughout the day. Skin Veil supports your skin’s moisture levels while protecting it from the harsh, drying effects of environmental exposure. • Sage leaf extract helps to neutralize odor-causing byproducts on the skin • Allantoin effectively soothes and calms unsettled skin • Keeps you smelling and feeling fresh all day $6.99 • Lightly moisturizes to shield skin from the environment 50ml $19.99 125ml Top Seller 55