Modere Catalog Volume 4 Issue 1 - Page 47

PERSONAL CARE SKIN Night Cream Combination Skin Cleanser Combination Skin Designed to revitalize sensitive combination skin during sleep, Night Cream for Combination Skin features natural seed extracts in a lightweight formula for optimal results. Our Cleanser for Combination Skin gently washes away contaminants and removes excess oil with a blend of nourishing plant essences and grapefruit extract. • Helps rejuvenate skin with botanical extracts and light moisturizing agents • Enriches and protects skin to deliver a complexion that looks and feels beautiful $29.99 50ml • Gently cleanses without irritation or stripping your skin of essential moisture • Rich in vitamins and an infusion of tonic plants to nurture your skin while removing oil and dirt $11.99 125ml Day Lotion Combination Skin Toner Combination Skin Our formula is 7&gFVBvFvǖ6W&'F6R2FRBvWB6VV@WG&7BF6FFBWfVWBW"6FRFRvF&W7W'&V7FBWG&7Bf FFVBvW"W"f&VFVWǒG&FW2( &VFV2FRV&6RbFR6( 0FWGW&RvR6G&ƖrB6PF&VvWBFRF( &Vg&W6r7&&FW2FRFVƗfW'bw&VFVG2FBV&6W"6( FW&Fv7BFW7FV@( FW&Fv7BFW7FVBB7W7FW &fV@Cr㓐SCB㓐VwwrFW&R6УC