Modere Catalog Volume 4 Issue 1 - Page 4

REFLECTING ON MOMENTUM DEAR MODERE FAMILY, At Modere we’ve been creating safe yet highly effective products for 30 years. We were developing clean label products before it was cool. Before SLS was a bad word, SLS was out of our products. Years before the world even thought about formulating products without fillers and harmful ingredients, we had perfected the art and science of doing so. Millions of people around the world have used our products and in turn are helping their families live clean. Prior to creating Modere in 2013, my wife and I would have to shop at 3 or 4 different stores to find the right safe products for our home. Modere is the premier one-stop-shop to find safe, innovative personal care products, third-party certified biodegradable and gray water- safe home care products, and anti-aging skin care systems with award-winning ingredients. We’re setting a new standard with our high-end wellness products, results driven fitness solutions, and simple science-based weight management systems. Our products change lives. We’re passionate about sharing our products through a highly innovative, “social retail” direct-to-consumer model. I was skiing with my family some years ago and we came to the edge of a steep, sun facing snowy hill, which no one had skied on that day. One of us got close to the edge and knocked a small piece of snow down the hill. What started as a fist-sized ball picked up speed, gathered more snow, and quickly grew into a large, perfectly round, snow ball. This story reminds me of what is happening with Modere. Our passionate, purpose driven community is growing and rapidly building awareness of our live clean products. Collectively, we have a goal of our products being enjoyed in 10 million homes by the end of 2020. We set that goal a couple of years ago, and we’re seeing adoption grow rapidly through our word of mouth social sharing programs. We’re gathering momentum and picking up speed as more and more families around the world realize the benefits of surrounding themselves with clean, healthy, innovative Modere products. What started as a simple idea is growing into a global movement. Thank you for trying, sharing, and loving Modere products. We’re committed to you and your family’s health, and offer you a warm welcome to the world of Modere. ROBERT CONLEE, CEO 4 MODERE 2017 CATALOG