Modere Catalog Volume 4 Issue 1 - Page 38

HEALTH & WELLNESS TARGETED HEALTH Probiotic Fiber Healthy digestion depends on good gut bacteria, or probiotics. Our formula provides a spore-forming strain to ensure good bacteria reach their destination. Our Fiber supplement is formulated with psyllium husk to give you 24% of the recommended daily value in every serving, twice as much as the leading brand. • Includes 500 million friendly bacteria at the time of manufacture • 2x the fiber of leading brands per serving • Helps you feel less hungry between meals* • Bacillus coagulans survive beyond the stomach for intestinal benefit $19.99 60ct $20.99 240g Liver Health Digestive Enzymes Liver Health supports your liver’s vital filtration process, helping it remove toxins from your body and bloodstream.* Formulated with pineapple and papaya, our Digestive Enzymes supplement includes 7 enzymes that help your body break down food while absorbing more essential nutrients.* • Milk thistle seed extract assists normal liver function and detoxification* • Wasabi root powder aids in the removal of toxins from the liver* • Offers relief from bloating, flatulence and occasional heartburn* • Helps your body break down food with 7 digestive enzymes $21.99 38 MODERE 2017 CATALOG 180ct $16.99 60ct