ModelStyle Magazine Jan/Feb. 2016 - Page 36

Designer On The Move FarrierBell Fashions Designer Alex Holliman Alex Holliman was born on May 4, 1982 in Omaha, Nebraska, the second child of three siblings. Holliman discovered fashion designing at the age of nine. He saved weekly allowances to purchase garments from local thrifts stores to only deconstruct and create a masterpiece from his personal vision. Using his mother sheets and pillowcases as material, Holliman began to cut and stitch pieces of material together to create a pattern. Holliman was constantly perfecting his skills by experimenting and reading. At the age of twelve, Holliman persuaded his mother to purchase his first sewing machine. After designing a small collection from sheets and pillowcases Holliman wanted to establish a label but found that to be yet, his hardest task. After speaking with his older brother who help form the name FarrierBell which generated from his great grandmother Ruth Farrier Jackson, and his grandmother Tillie Bell Holliman. Holliman was inspired by his two grandmothers and was honored to name his brand FarrierBell Fashions. Taking things to the next level Holliman launched his brand FarrierBell Fashions in May 2004 where Holliman showcased his first full fall collection in Omaha, Nebraska receiving positive feedback. Holliman continued designing seasonal collections and catering to his privet clientele. After deep consideration Holliman decided to relocate to Atlanta, GA in January 2007 to pursue the brand and gain exposer by showcasing and targeting celebrity clientele. FarrierBell Fashions a women’s ready to wear brand that’s designed for the fashionable artistic woman on the go a brand that embraces curves, confidants and personality while enhancing personal appearance. •Holliman is constantly exposing the brand by networking with other fashion designers, stylist, entertainers, TV media and photographers. FarrierBell Fashions have been featured in magazine press, websites, fashion charity events, fashion shows, Fashions weeks and other local media. FarrierBell Fashion mission is to build a nationally known brand that’s manufactured and sold in departments stores nationwide and becoming a house hold name. LA SWIM WEEK -Amour Luxury Swimwear