ModelStyle Magazine Jan/Feb. 2016 - Page 34

- Maria and Chrysa We are identical twin sisters originally from greece. We have always been•into sports since•a really young age.We have taken up various sports such as acrobatics, synchronised swimming , volley ball ...even football (soccer) lol .apart from our passion for sports we also expressed and developed•a love towards art and more specifically ,fashion . That's why after graduating from high school we moved to london ,the fashion capital ,•and started studying fashion design and styling. Unfortunately despite the fact that we enjoyed the creativity and artistic•culture we were also exposed to wrong images such as skinny figures and size zero. That had an unavoidable impact in our personal life too!•Our body changed and from athletic we became very slim and went through difficult times dealing with eating disorders. That's when fitness came again in our life . The transission••was not easy since we had to give up on fashion but Thts when we realised that fitness / training and healthy lifestyle is our real passion that also saved us and we believe it can save a lot of people too. We are now both certified•personal trainers and posing coaches , brand ambassadors of supplement brands•and also NPC bikini division competitors . Our schedule is full of training , prepping food and attending fitness related events such as expos, boot camps etc. our main goal is to inspire and encourage peop H