ModelStyle Magazine Jan/Feb. 2016 - Page 17

SIMPLY CLASSICS AFRICA Bryanna ModelStyle Summer Modeling Camp 2015 Simply Classics Africa was founded by French lady Vanessa Roumeguere and Claire Minns from England. They met in Nairobi three years ago and together have realized their dream by launching Simply Classics Africa that celebrates the unique and exotic qualities of Africa and in particular, Kenya where they are based. Vanessa and Claire are inspired by the romance and mystery of Kenya, a country of dramatic extremes and classic contrasts: desert and alpine snows; fresh water lakes and the salty turquoise Indian Ocean; acacia woodlands and open plains of the famous Masai Mara. Their Country Chic & Polo Fashion Collection touches the imagination of the elegant days of Karen Blixen as well as drawing from the new and modern. Their Home Decor collection again takes inspiration from the exotic and bohemian influences of Africa in particular, Lamu in Kenya. A Both collections are handmade in Kenya by Kenyans thereby helping the local communities whether through tailoring, beading or carpentry. Their clients include safari camps and lodges in Kenya, Tanzania and Botswana as well as boutiques throughout Nairobi. In addition they are expanding abroad with orders from Japan and New York. Simply Classics Africa pieces embody style, quality and the essence of Africa. Travel with us and live the dream!""" Photo credit : Séverine DEWAILLY 16