ModelStyle Magazine Jan/Feb. 2016 - Page 16

Isabella Hollywood Tips to Keep Your Eyes Star-Worthy ModelStyle Summer Modeling Camp 2015 (BPT) - No matter the season, beautiful and healthy eyes are always in style. How can you make your eyes shine like your favorite stars? 2. "You want to see your face when you put your makeup on so be sure to remember that Jennie Garth, mom of three and star of 'Beverly your contact lenses go in before you apply Hills, 90210' and 'The Jennie Garth Project' has anything to your face," Garth notes. "And remember to always start with freshly washed joined the Science of Beautiful Eyes ( initiative sponsored and dry hands. This will help prevent bacteria from getting into the eye during the by Alcon to help drive awareness around the application process." importance of taking care of your eyes and making it an important part of your daily routine. 3. "During allergy season, my eyes tend to get "As an actress, being in front of the camera adds scratchy which makes me want to constantly a lot of pressure to keeping your look healthy andrub them," says Garth. "I use eye drops like Alcon's ZADITOR(R) Eye Drops to relieve fresh," Garth says. "Picking out the right eye makeup to highlight my eyes isn't the only thing Imy itchy eyes before applying makeup. It is think about in the morning. I also make sure that an easy way to help keep my mascara from running and my eyeliner from smearing!" my eyes feel good and look healthy. From personal experience, I've come up with a few tips 4. "Over the years, I've picked up tips from that may help others." makeup artists I've worked with, and if I can share one thing it's to check the expiration To keep your eyes looking their best, Garth dates on your makeup to help prevent offers these tips: irritation and infection," says Garth. "For 1. "Waterproof mascara is great when you need a instance, mascara and eyeliner should be used long lasting product, but when it comes time to for no longer than three-to-six months and washing your face - it could be the biggest battle then discarded." of the day," Garth says. "The eye SOLUTION(TM) Program has great options to 5. "Living in Southern California, it can reach scorching temperatures during the day which consider when cleansing your face, including SYSTANE(R) Lid Wipes. These gentle wipes can cause my eyes to become dry and quickly remove debris and eye makeup that may irritated. SYSTANE(R) Lubricant Eye Drops provide lasting relief throughout the day," cause eye irritation." says Garth. 15