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Artikel | article Summary ND Charlotte Balling and Christian Hansen own Balling Brands, which acts as agents for a number of high-end fashion brands in Denmark. There is a common thread spun of authenticity, heritage, quality, great taste and unique design throughout the brand portfolio. When it comes to Balling Brands, the selection of brands reflects the philosophy of the company. - Like with each of the brands in our assortment, our business is our li- feblood. We are passionate about the brands we work with, and we care about our customers. Many of our relationships go back 15 years. Busi- ness and human relationships are two sides of the same coin, says a pas- sionate Christian Hansen. One of the newer brands in Balling Brands’ portfolio is the American brand Steve Madden. Balling Brands has been the agent of the brand in Denmark since January 2018 and has already opened 90 stores that now carry the brand. - The iconic shoes and bags fit like a glove into our concept. Steve Mad- den is “for real”, and we’ve been in love with the brand ever since we first saw a Steve Madden store in New York 12 years ago. While priced lower than luxury goods, the products have a luxurious feel to them. Steve Madden plays on the same playing field as the biggest fashion houses, but the price is more affordable. Thanks to the more afforda- ble prices, women and girls can and dare to wear things like a pair of high stilettos in pink plastic if they should feel like it, says Christian Hansen, emphasizing that the extensive collection, which is divided into five drops, features shoes and bags for a wide audience - with a clearly leri, som sender den kendte skohandler, forretnings- og levemand et par år bag tremmer. Han fratræder som CEO, men er fortsat ejer af Steve Madden, som er vokset til et enormt globalt varemærke med både wholesale, retail og online-salg. Manden Steve Madden er blevet en erfaring rigere, og han erkender i dag, at grådighed og penge ikke er alt. Nerven i forretningen er og bli- ver hjerteblod, og inspirationen kommer den dag i dag fra gadebilledet, fra ungdommen, fra musikken og fra rock’n’roll. Vigtigt værdisæt - Steve Madden har sjæl og en – rigtig god – historie. Steve Madden handler om at følge moden og om at have det sjovt. Det er værdier, vi også værdsætter i vores for- retning, konkluderer Christian Hansen, da NU besøger ham i showroomet på Tagensvej i København, mens hans bedre halvdel Charlotte Balling er ude på kunde- besøg. - Forretning handler om at gøre sig umage og om at skabe og bevare tætte relationer til kunderne. Vi skal evne at give både ærlig produktinformation og den autentiske story telling videre til butikkerne, så de er klædt rigtigt på, når forbrugeren spørger ind til et af vore brands, slutter Christian Hansen. Indkøbere på CIFF kan se nyhederne fra Steve Madden på Balling Brands’ stand i C-hallen. contemporary fashion statement and a humorous twist throughout the collection. - With Steve Madden, it's easy to adjust the mood and the overall look. Inspired by a line from the Danish magazine ‘ALT for damerne’, Steve Madden’s accessories are for “all the women you are”, says the director of Balling Brands. The story of Steve Madden is worth a movie - and the story of Steve Madden has actually been made into a film. His character also appears in the blockbuster The Wolf of Wall Street. In short, his story is about him growing up in New Jersey in New York, after which he attends college in Florida, where he seemingly devotes more time to partying than studying. Steve Madden lands a job as a student work- er in a shoe store, and it quickly becomes part of his image to carry a shoehorn in his back pocket, and as it turns out, he is a natural born salesman. Later, Madden drops out of college and gets employed in a fast-growing shoe company. Here, he learns everything there is to know about footwear – from producing and purchasing to managing a ware- house, marketing etc. With the new skills, he now sets out to launch his own stores, and a mate helps him get the company listed on the stock exchange in the US. Here, he finds himself involved in financial fraud, which sends the famous shoe dealer, businessman and bon viveur be- hind bars for a couple of years. He resigns as CEO, but remains the ow- ner of Steve Madden, which has grown into a huge global brand with wholesale, retail and online sales. Today, Steve Madden has become that much wiser, and he admits that there is more to life than mere greed and money. The nerve in the business is and will always be about true passion, and inspiration is drawn from today's street scene, the youth, the music and rock'n'roll. CIFF buyers can see the news from Steve Madden at Balling Brands' sa- les booth in Hall C. MODEBRANCHEN. | ISSUE NO 02 JANUARY 2019 | 81