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Artikel | article VIDSTE DU, AT… …DET NYE SORT INDEN FOR GIN&TONIC SLET IKKE INDEHOLDER GIN, MEN PORTVIN. HAR DU ENDNU IKKE SMAGT DEN TRENDY DRINK, FÅR DU CHANCEN HOS CERO-ETAGE KL. 16-18 ONSDAG DEN 30. JANUAR 2019 THE ART OF FLORA BY PHUC VAN DANG In Copenhagen, Phuc Van Dang will participate in an event, at which he will paint on-site in Cero-Etage's showroom in Bella Center. Additionally, a handful of customers are invited to a event, where they are offered a pair of white, customised C-RO jeans with the characteristic Phuc Van Dang art. A part of the profit of the Phuc Van Dang line goes to charity - in the spirit of Phuc Van Dang's philosophy of giving back to the world. Buyers can look forward to seeing the styles with the Phuc Van Dang prints at the upcoming fairs in Europe and Scandinavia. MODEBRANCHEN. | ISSUE NO 02 JANUARY 2019 | 77