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Artikel | article BETTY BARCLAY store's assortment and the sales of Betty cessarily need to see, touch and feel the my skilled Nordic team, I feel like the who joined Betty Barclay in July 2018 current demand in the business, says Rasmussen, who highlights the impor- Barclay. This approach is working quite well for us, says Kenneth Rasmussen, with experience in sales and manage- ment from JBS and BTX Group. One of Betty Barclay's growing product areas is the group's extensive NOOS pro- gramme. items before buying. Betty Barclay's extensive NOOS program is meeting the Kenneth Rasmussen. He also notes that he has hired an extra employee to su- stain the high level of customer service. Partner with the retailer - Our customers are pleased with our - Like everything else in the company, way, they avoid tying up money in stock, and the professional support I get from B2B platform, through which they can order online whenever they want. This and since they already know Betty Bar- clay's qualities and fits, they don't ne- Betty Barclay's NOOS programme runs smoothly. Logistics are streamlined, Germany is outstanding. In combination with the fantastic fashion products and journey has just begun. And we can take Betty Barclay even further, says Kenneth tance of keeping an open mind and liste- ning to customers. - We go into depth with sales figures and make sure that the items we sell to retailers match the current demand. We consider ourselves partners with the retailers. To listen and evaluate is crucial when working with sales, says a busy Kenneth Rasmussen, who wants to thank his customers for their strong loyalty to Betty Barclay. MODEBRANCHEN. | ISSUE NO 02 JANUARY 2019 | 73