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Artikel | article Cathrine Bjerre Bruun holds a bachelor's degree in de- sign and has for the previous 5 years been designing lu- xury products for By Malene Birger. In April 2018, she was appointed head of design of the DK Company-owned brand Soaked in Luxury, which makes the Autumn Ope- ning collection the first Soaked in Luxury collection for Cathrine Bjerre Bruun to carry through. And how exact- ly will she leave her mark on the collection? We had a chat with the head of design about just that when we vi- sited the brand on Kanonbådsvej in Copenhagen. - Soaked in Luxury is first and foremost vibrant. The definition of the word is lively and dynamic, which is also true for the brand. The word vibrant also describes Soaked in Luxury's choice of colours and print designs. Prints are an essential part of Soaked in Luxury's design signature. It is one of the ways Soaked in Luxury sets it- self apart from other brands, says Cathrine Bjerre Bru- un, who highlights the brand's design-driven strategy. Pieces with identity - Soaked in Luxury delivers the newest trends and is characterized by a certain amount of glam. We want to provide women with a feeling of luxury, at affordable prices. The sensation of luxury comes from the choice of materials, the prints and the design details. - In our collections you also find pieces that stand out, pieces with identity. That's why you will find pieces that are “a bit over the top”, for instance a one-piece suit in all over tiger print. And you can always be sure to find a party dress in our collections, says Cathrine Bjerre Bru- un. The designs make it easy to dress up or down. Wear a dress with sneakers for everyday use or put on stilettos for a night out. Chic and unpretentious The Soaked in Luxury girl is fashionable but unpretenti- ous. She is bold. She loves fashion and can afford to buy Soaked in Luxury often thanks to the brand's affordable SOAKED IN LUXURY prices, says Cathrine Bjerre Bruun. Soaked in Luxury releases six collections per year, not counting its express drops. New Soaked In Luxury goods will hit the shelves every week. KEYWORDS FOR MAIN AUTUMN 2019 FROM SOAKED IN LUXURY Pop colours / dresses with a poetic look / transparency / colour experiments / red and lime / dusty blue tones / 90s inspiration / heritage look / suiting and tailoring mixed with pop colours / maxi lengths / classic stripes / chic silhouettes / chunky knits / silver styles / playful MODEBRANCHEN. | ISSUE NO 02 JANUARY 2019 | 71