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Artikel | article Summary At the companies behind In Front and One Two Luxzuz, the two owners and CEOs agree that the retail industry PREPAIR would benefit from budgeting diffe- rently and free up money for in-season buying. - Here at In Front, we hear over and over again that the retail sector in general and stores in particular are financially strained. Especially when it comes to li- IN FRONT quidity. That makes me wonder why sto- re owners do not focus more on express brands as part of the solution to their challenges. Receiving new collections every second month instead of every six months will increase the turnover rate, reduce the tie-up of capital and reduce PREPAIR overdraft fees, says Mogens Kongsgaard, CEO and owner of In Front. Jack Poulsen from X-Press Group, the company behind the express brand One IN FRONT Two Luxzuz, says that an express brand is successful so long as it delivers high 2BIZ quality and up-to-the-minute products. - At the same time, we make it a priority that the price level of One Two Luxzuz is affordable and that the markups are high. That is a focal point for us, he says FLOYD BY SMITH 3 SPØRGSMÅL TIL TOMMY SMITH, BUYER /OWNER FLOYD BY SMITH 1) Hvad er det for faktorer i den aktuelle markedssituation, som gør ekspresmode interessant for retaileren? I dagens markedssituation er expressmode nok endnu vig tigere end tidligere, da markedet ændrer sig hur tigere end førhen. 2) Hvad kan Floyd tilbyde i den sammenhæng? Floyd kan tilbyde rig tige varer på det rig tige tidspunkt året igennem og retaileren slipper for at tage en stor del af risikoen selv, da vi som expressmodeleverandør tilpasser os hur tig t i sæsonen. Floyd har været expressmodeleverandør i over 30 år og har altid vurderet, at expressfashion er meget interessant for detailhandleren. 3) Nævn kort et par højaktuelle nyheder til Spring 2019. Vi ser en del tendenser med stærke far ver ,men også en del jordtoner. Det er præcis vores fordel som expressmodeleverandør, at vi venter til allersidst med at designe kollektionerne og læg ger os fast på far verne. Vor t mål er at levere det, kunderne ønsker, til enhver tid. and adds: - But it is also super important for us to contribute to an improved product range in the fashion stores. If the owners want to improve the bottom line, the majo- rity of the items they buy must be sold fast - with a high margin. If a more sub- stantial part of the budget is allocated to suppliers with short lead time, it will be- come much easier for stores to balance their buying with what is actually sold. At the same time, items bought just be- fore and during the sales season will of- ten generate a reasonable profit. It only takes one season to change one’s buying behavior. It is essential that stores be- come more dynamic and adaptable, the One Two Luxzuz owner points out. MODEBRANCHEN. | ISSUE NO 02 JANUARY 2019 | 67