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AW19/20 Artikel | article LOFINA B. BRANDTEX COASTLINE STENSTRÖMS WOMEN PULZ DAMELLA JACK & JONES JEANS INTELLIGENCE ISAY CAMEL ACTIVE MENS FOOTWEAR MP WOMAN B. BRANDTEX COPENHAGEN example, we can expect to see a technical jacket with sportswear and outdoor tech. Like a true explorer, the says the owner of SPOTT. sual look. The outfit shouts: Come on! We are prepared for reflectors, zippers and so on paired with trekking boots for an eye-catching and more nature-orientated contrast, On expedition Especially for men, we expect to see a trend that combi- nes multiple inspirational universes forming a new style that merges the different sources of inspiration. The look combines workwear, utility, military, space/space travel, 48 | ISSUE NO 02 JANUARY 2019 | MODEBRANCHEN. designer embarks on inspirational trips in the mentioned universes and mixes everything for a sharp, individual vi- anything. Neon plays a central role here, and there are lots of colours involved - sometimes in mellow combinations with camel and green hues. - Other styles have a more protective look with its sof- ter, causal and toned down look. Often, the almost tent- like over-sized fit makes the styles ooze protection and