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AW19/20 Artikel | article LOFINA PEPPERCORN SKOVHUUS MINUS MOS MOSH MATINIQUE VAGABOND AIAYU HOMME ISAY mixes, where ethnic meets Scandinavian. The lonesome are often ankle-length or mid-length, and we see loads of increasingly inspires designers of global fashion brands. that a lot of inspiration is drawn from nature, for example wanderer in the wild is a significant source of inspiration in this trend, but also the folkloristic, practical garment - We often see details such as hand-made, authentic techniques focused on craft and patchwork. Also, we will see a lot of voluminous styles that wrap around the body in a loose and unarranged fashion that bears a resemblan- ce to the nomad. The trend plays on the contrast between "local" and "global". The dresses, tunics, cloaks and skirts 46 | ISSUE NO 02 JANUARY 2019 | MODEBRANCHEN. woolen textiles, mohair - or mohair like qualities - and knitted dresses, says Anja Bisgaard Gaede. She also notes in prints such as nature realistic photos of leaves and plants - and the animal print trend continues with slightly more aggressive and artistic motifs. - Functionality is another key trend, and the modern and ultra functional details are often mixed with natu- ral elements, which, again, create exciting contrasts. For