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PLUS SIZE Artikel | article KJBRAND ELOMI Summary The prevalence of obesity worldwide has PLUS risen significantly in the last few deca- des. In Denmark, the development is most no- table among younger people and people with little to no education or with low income, according to The National He- alth Profile 2017, which is the newest and most comprehensive statistical material available on the subject. The report concludes that there is no ZHENZI easy way out when it comes to reversing the trend since prevention and treatment of obesity is quite complex and involves many different groups, including friends and family, the local authorities and the state. For the fashion industry, however, plus- size fashion seems to be a stable and pro- mising business area. Many Danish and international brands have reached the same conclusion - and many of them are already enjoying the success of their plus size brands. CISO PLUS 174 | ISSUE NO 02 JANUARY 2019 | MODEBRANCHEN.