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N COLLECTIONS NEWS FOR A/W 19/20 White Label/Rofa Fashion Group Monari A s the fashion industr y constantly is changing, Monari has adapted the sales periods and deliver y windows for AW19 to secure the right products in the stores at the right time. And they will continue to develop their B2B system with best selling st yles on stock. In the AW19 collection you will find the high demanded dresses in dif ferent themes, colors and shapes among the other product groups within the collection. ION Rofa fashion group will for this season work with t wo brands: White Label-classic models with beautiful details and colours. Change-models with more fashion for ward focus with fresh and edgier models, details and bolder colours. In the AW19 collection you will find fake furs and fake lambskin coats as well as the more classic down jackets, wool coats, blazers and dresses. MONARI MONARI COPENHAGEN: CIFF Showrooms B0-203, B0-204, B0-205 Atelier Gardeur men and women The brand develops their B2B suppor t system to meet the in season demands of supplying and as par t of this they will increase the NOS on stock. Gardeur are also developing a tailor-made control of the collections according to monthly rhy thms. This ensures even more tension and movement in the assor tments. In the AW19 collection for both men and women, you will find new fits to reach out to a broader target group and also new interesting fabric mixtures. In the women’s range there will be an increased skir t collection on demand of the customers. Wonderjeans The Wonderjeans brand has a unique denim fabric in a qualit y that is developed by and is unique for Wonderjeans. They also have a strong NOS suppor t of basic and seasonal colours. Additional to the solid colours they have a range of prints. WHITE LABEL MODEBRANCHEN. | ISSUE NO 02 JANUARY 2019 | 169