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Artikel | article CIFF SHOWROOMS B2-203 STOCKHOLM FASHION DISTRICT FASHION BUSINESS DAY STAND 129 New Classic is next season’s key word for the German trousers’ specialist. Checks and animal prints strut coolly on modern fabrics – super-slim or in new widths. Spicy and hot: There is a lot of added spice next winter! Aniseed, cin- namon, curcumin, honey, hazelnut, vanilla and nougat whet appetite for new play with colours. Bright foliage colours, warm earth and rust tones such as camel, cognac and fawn brown light up sombre autumn days. Relaxation and quiet are conveyed by greens and natural tones such as sage, moss, smoky wood colours, olive and khaki.
Contrasting is the power colour red in all nuances. Whether cherry, ruby, garnet, bordeaux, pink, violet or purple – the signs are set to red alert! Dark blue, deep sea blue, blueberry and cornf lower dominate the blue colour range. A touch of nonchalance Keeping in step – this is the motto of the coming winter season. After all, there has not been so much trouser diversity for a long time!
Contemporary and modern trouser shapes are softly f lowing and relaxed like the culottes, f lared and wide leg. A touch of noncha- lance on top is imbued by decorative elements from athleisure such as zips, wordings and braids. The slim silhouette is still dominating the sporty sector, however also here new nonchalant trouser models waft in fresh air such as chinos and boot leg with cargo and jogg cuff details. Roaring prints Rooooaarrr… winter 2019/2020 is full of roaring! Animal prints such as leopard – often as mini leopard in batique look but also python come in all print variations. Playful Gobelin tapestry prints come up ZERRES in current wintery colours on five pockets models, as do checks in connection with paisleys. Imaginative patch patterns create a picture in fashion rich in diver- sity. MODEBRANCHEN. | ISSUE NO 02 JANUARY 2019 | 159