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AW19/20 Artikel | article ALBERTO CAMBIO CAMBIO ALBERTO SOAKED IN LUXURY CALAMAR trousers with the patented Magic Slim for just that. Consumers should be able to collection, which has been underway for - In general, LauRie is renewed with a tion within the trousers category - all kinds and check patterns - classic elements bor- technology, which comes in several new models in an updated look. strong visual identity. We continue our thorough work with sustainability and CSR. In a single style, there can easily be eight different certifications to take care off. We control every little component, so it requires dedication, states the CEO. LauRie's new collection can be experienced at CIFF, where the brand exhibits on stand C2-007. Broad jeans and pants universe from Part Two Frederikke Villaume is Part Two's design manager. She finds that the width and depth in the pants’ universe has broadened quite a bit. - Almost anything is allowed, which makes it such an exciting area of focus. There's been plenty of room to be creative while fo- cusing on offering a variety of various fits and catering to different needs. At Part Two we know how difficult it is to find the per- fect fit, and we want to be the go-to brand return to their favourite fit over and over again. We have focused a lot on the varia- of trousers are represented. We have paid extra attention to the fit, and we care for the details. Trousers will continue to play a central role in the Part Two collections, says Frederikke Villaume. Part Two operates with four fits - Classic, Slim, Contemporary and Easy. - In addition to the categories, all our trousers come with a carefully written description of waist, length and leg width. This information can be found on the la- beling, which makes it easy to find your favourite. We are proud of our fits, and we continuously develop upon them. We've always done that. We've also introduced some new trousers to cover as many dif- ferent needs and body shapes as possible. When we design a new trousers style, it's a time-consuming process that takes place in close collaboration with our designers. We go through several production meetings and a lot of samples before going into pro- duction. We are proud to present the new more than a year, says the design manager. For AW 19/20 Part Two presents corderoy rowed from men's wardrobe. They can be mixed with feminine tops. Additionally, there are cargo-inspired styles that create a casual and stunning look. Jeans are avai- lable in both black and vintage wash. In slim and classic fits. Jeans are also an es- sential part of the Part Two wardrobe. - As usual, you can find our classic suiting pants in the collection, representing some of our classics. We've added a breath of fresh air to the suiting pants, which is now available in a sportier version with a rib- bed cuff, a feminine version with a tall wa- ist and tie-strings and an elegant version with wide legs. We have also introduced new styles in the leisurewear/homewear category - all in soft materials, which can be styled with large-sized sweaters - or dressed up with a blazer, says Frederikke Villaume for a final remark. Part Two exhibits at CIFF in Copenhagen. ´