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PULZ LAURIE RAFFAELLO ROSSI GARDEUR CAMBIO Town logo supports the new design direc- aimed at a younger audience. Roxy joins the forward to presenting the new In Town to attract a wider and younger audience. and trousers, the commercial prices will Copenhagen and at a range of other popu- tion. - The aim with the updated design DNA is The brand's look has always been relatively classic, but now it's time to give the style a fresh breath of air, and plenty more trendy details, CEO Claus Zink said to NU at the new head offices in Padborg. It has almost been a year since B&C Textiler moved from Sønderborg. The company is celebrating its 40-year anniversary in 2019. The new collection also features a broader outerwear line with a more distinctive look thanks to details such as raw-looking zip- pers that add a trendy trekking look to the styles. - The outerwear collection is strongly in- fluenced by the outdoor trend with details inspired by trekking and outdoor life, says Claus Zink. In Town's trousers line has also received a new look with new and exciting fabrics and details like small printed statements inside the pocket lining. In Town is also announ- cing a new jean cut named Roxy, which is In Town's two other fits, Laura and Sandy. - Despite adding more details to our jeans remain the same. Typically, the retail price of In Town's trousers is 399-599 DKK, says Claus Zink. universe at upcoming fairs. In Town's new look is presented at CIFF in lar trade shows. Magical lift at LauRie The colours in In Town’s winter collection Also at the Danish fashion company COZE - The collection is now as colourful and - We get really good feedback on the jeans highlight the new style, which takes a play- ful approach to the new trend colours. courageous as ever and features a range of stunning, new colours in solid colours, stri- pes, patterns and new innovative prints, says Claus Zink. The colour palette includes new hues of yellow, bordeaux, deep, shades of red, brown tones and navy blue, while purple adds contrast to the other colours. The fashion-orientated materials in the collection include Lurex, velour and velvet, while different types of ribbons make up some of the many striking, new details. - The use of several colours, trendy de- tails and materials such as Lurex is a clear example of In Town’s new, eye-catching direction, says Claus Zink who is looking 148 | ISSUE NO 02 JANUARY 2019 | MODEBRANCHEN. AARHUS, who is behind the brand LauRie, trousers and jeans sell well. and pants from LauRie. We present even stronger and sharper jeans and pants col- lection for AW 19 and continue our strong focus on this product group. We constantly develop on qualities, washes, finishes and print, and in the future LauRie strategi- cally will focus even more on this product segment and only develops a small range of matching tops. The tops are comfortable to wear and in an uncomplicated design, says CEO of COZE AARHUS Cecilia Winther. - We have a good prize structure on LauRie, and both consumers and retailers are very satisfied with that, she noted. Among the news on CIFF is a relaunch of