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This iconic Redgreen bag is manufactured from recycled canvas sails and the straps are from recycled seat belts REDGREEN CLASSIC Copenhagen Fashion Week Showroom at Nordre Strandvej 119F in Hellebæk produceret i Danmark i dansk uld og fås i en nummereret limited edi- tion, siger Anders Vedel. Næste step for Redgreen består i at finde de helt rigtige licenspartne- re til dame- og børnetøjslinjerne samt at få færdiggjort en perspek- tivrig aftale med et stort licenshus i Tyskland om rettighederne til det store marked syd for Danmarks grænse. Summary Together with a group of investors Anders Vedel owns the company Redgreen, with Vedel as the major shareholder. He also acts as gene- ral manager for the company, which will be run as a licence business. So far, agreements have been signed with licence holders on men’s wear, men’s accessories and living. As of AW 19, loungewear is inclu- ded as well. - By signing agreements with licencee partners, we get the most com- petent specialists to manage the product areas in the different fields. Our role is to maintain the characteristics when it comes to design and branding, says Anders Vedel about the structure. To begin with, Redgreen will focus on sales in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Fin- land. The style in Redgreen is now back to its maritime origin, which the deceased founder Bent Krebs built the brand on back in the early days. - We need to stay true to what we are and what people expect of Red- green. We cherish the authentic nautical logo with red and green. The ocean environments – the harbour, the beach, the coast, the boat and so on, inspire the design. Therefore, the maritime stripes are a part of our DNA as seen in items such as our sailor knitwear, rubber boots and boat shoes. The visual expression is casual and leisure-orien- tated, explains Anders Vedel and adds the importance of maintaining a high quality and a focus on natural materials like wool and cotton. The next step for Redgreen is, among other things, to find the right licencee partners for woman’s wear and children’s wear. MODEBRANCHEN. | ISSUE NO 02 JANUARY 2019 | 141