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Article Q | Who comes to visit #FASHIONTECH BERLIN? A | Our visitors are C-level executives from fashion, retail, tech, po- litics, the economy and the media. In July representatives from 38 countries attended, including the USA, Germany, Italy, France, the UK, Austria, Switzerland, Canada, India, China, Thailand and Vietnam, not forgetting Russia and Israel too. We are also particularly appealing to start-ups though — which is very important in view of an interdisci- #FASHIONTECH BERLIN JUNE 2018 plinary dialogue on the subject of innovation and corporate culture. As one of the events organised by the PREMIUM GROUP and part of Berlin Fashion Week we connect the players in the fashion industry with other relevant industries. We create a mix of different ecosystems technologies and, based on this, decide whether these are relevant. Q | What do you offer visitors? quicker than others you also learn more quickly. The longer you wait, with the aim of attracting a broad and varied composition of visitors. A | It’s important to us that, alongside knowledge transfer and inspi- ration, we also put a real emphasis on promoting dialogue. We create networking areas in which the participants can discuss the opportu- nities created by the digital transformation with their peer group, but also with others in different disciplines, and through this generate new It’s all about trying out new things and daring to experiment in order to react to changes in the market with appropriate speed. If you are the higher the costs will be. At some point it then becomes difficult to change course. Fashion companies such as Tommy Hilfiger and Hugo Boss do a fantastic job when it comes to digitalising their businesses. Q | Which future technologies will play a role for fashion companies? business leads. A | Block chain, for instance, is an extremely exciting and innovative A | That digitalisation is fun. That you just have to try things. We want the development of other processes along the supply chain. Analysing Q | What do participants take home from the conference? to take away participants’ fear of digitalisation and show that progress and innovation are right and important. It is not just the fashion indu- stry: every industry needs to go through a process of continual change and implement a culture of “failure is one step on the journey to suc- cess”. This is the only way to be able to act quickly enough in the mar- ket and react to developments. technology. Just like with artificial intelligence – not only as per custo- mer relationship management systems, but also equally in respect of large quantities of data from social media, e-commerce and smartpho- ne processes makes it possible to understand consumers’ preferences and buying habits. This knowledge can be used to create buying ex- periences that are tailored to customers’ respective personal needs. Q | Will we really only be shopping online in future? #FASHIONTECH BERLIN also creates a stage for interdisciplinary A | Definitely not. In situ shopping experiences cannot be simulated work with the speakers, industry insiders and entrepreneurs, as well appealing atmosphere, will continue to have a big influence on buying exchange between the different industries. Headlining the motto of #BUSINESS! the networking areas give visitors the opportunity to net- as to seek out new business partners and generate business leads. Q | What was in focus in January? digitally. Sensory impressions such as feeling, stroking or trying clo- thes on, not forgetting friendly service, speaking face-to-face and an decisions in future. Q | How important is the partnership with Messe Frankfurt? A | ‘Future of Work’ played a major role as a new central theme, fo- A | We place great value on the collaboration with Messe Frankfurt, in the future? tion with Messe Frankfurt has always been based on partnership, and cussing on the following questions: what do the working models of the future look like? What job profile will companies and employees need Q | Who are the winners of digitalisation? A | All those companies that adopt innovations early on, test different which was responsible for the FASHIONSUSTAIN agenda on day 2 of the event. Two powerful partners have teamed up here. Our interac- we are delighted to have been able to deepen this collaboration in re- cent seasons. The topics presented at #FASHIONTECH BERLIN were ideally complemented by FASHIONSUSTAIN. MODEBRANCHEN. | ISSUE NO 02 JANUARY 2019 | 137