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Artikel | article HANRO CALIDA PASSIONATA MEY FREYA HUBER dybe grønne og gyldne samt brunlige toner. also affects nightwear, homewear and design and the word itself is already assi- kombination med modefarver som for ek- wearing clothes that emphasise a relaxed and the boundaries between comfortable Klassisk sort til lingeri fortsætter som al- tid – og kan tilfører en dramatisk effekt i sempel rød og violet. Summary Cocooning is a concept indicating how we tend to hide inside when the world outside feels unsafe and turbulent. It’s a signifi- cant trend within interior design, which loungewear. When it comes to loungewear, we prefer and laid-back mood. Cosiness, naturalness and comfort are key concepts. Moreover, many loungewear manufac- turers use and prioritise organic and su- stainable materials. The Danish concept “hygge” has become a sizeable export market within interior milated into the English language. Today’s loungewear needs to facilitate “hygge” homewear, sportswear and nightwear are fluid. Activewear, for instance, is get- ting more feminine and casual. The com- mon denominator for the types of clothes mentioned above is comfort and hipness – in trend circles, it is being referred to as “comfortwear”. The comfortable clothes MODEBRANCHEN. | ISSUE NO 02 JANUARY 2019 | 123