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PE IFF PEPPERCORN AW 2019/20 – KEY ITEMS • Earth colours are the favorite tones – oozes of warmth and match the late summer complexion • Think green – rec ycled qualities • Laid back st yle – lots of warmth, soft and new materials • Volume, embellishments and fitting • Details like prints and colours – mix and match friendly • It ’s all about you • Knits are big – dresses, sweaters, cardigans, in a feminine and loose look, cable knit, with slits… • Suede, wool and fake fur • Colours: Cinnamon, army green, rust, royal purple, grenadine, baroque rose, black, port, picante… Artikel | article DESIRES AW 2019/20 – KEY ITEMS • Into the woods – stor y telling in the nature • Shapes and silhouettes with a 70´s vibe • Fall flowers with an old fashion look • Keeping warm with fluf f y sweaters and funk y patterns • Prett y frills – heav y corduroy and shiny casual fabrics • The Part y Capsule which will last forever and ever COLOURS: Ketchup: Funk y red/Orange colour, Glazed Ginger: In the brown spectrum, FIG: Beautiful deep and dark purple, Baroque Rose: The ultimate dust y pink colour, Blue nights: Dust y dark blue colour mixed with the dust y light blue colour, Grape Leaf: Vintage militar y, Angora white: Creamy basic white DESIRES kets such as Denmark, Scandinavia, Ger- high degree of value for money of both account in the design of the six Pepper- In August, she was appointed brand di- has gone back to its original brand name, look. She is a dreamer - and is inclined many and Benelux, Spain and Italy, says Anja Drest Nielsen. rector for both Peppercorn and Desires. She has experience from international fashion companies such as Bestseller, IC Companys and DK Company. At Pepper- corn and Desires, Anja Drest Nielsen took part in defining the company values: - We have a renewed focus on our culture and make an extra effort in all parts of the organization, adding value all the way through to the end-users. That crea- tes loyalty, security and emphasizes the brands, says Anja Drest Nielsen. As part of the new strategy, Peppercorn in a new and updated version. - For a short period, the name was Pep, but people wanted Peppercorn back. Both internally and among customers. So, it was an obvious way to go back to the roots, says Anja Drest Nielsen. With the tagline, It's all about you, Pep- percorn shows that they listen actively to its fashion-conscious customers of all ages – when it comes to the design, fit, quality and price. All of this is taken into corn collections each year. The Desires girl is more rebellious in her to live out her dreams through her style. She finds inspiration in the four Desi- res collections per year. In addition to focusing on trendy design and quality, Desires is moving in a new and more su- stainable direction. - At first, we are announcing a range of basic styles in sustainable designs. As a fashion supplier, we are obligated to being environmentally responsible, says Anja Drest Nielsen. MODEBRANCHEN. | ISSUE NO 02 JANUARY 2019 | 117