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Artikel | article Summary SWEPT At Ole Poulsen, Silkeborg they are very pleased with Swept’s successful year fol- lowing the relaunch in 2018. - Retailers in both Denmark and abroad have welcomed back Swept and especially in the German market, the brand has seen rapid growth – they love the concept, says Ole Poulsen, who is ready to present more innovative news for the coming fashion fairs. - Swept, which is known for its innovative SWEPT DANWEAR DANWEAR BLACK LABEL WINDFIELD BY DANWEAR DA’WI DUN-JAK design and excellent quality at affordable prices, will now launch quilted jackets with 3M Thinsulate Insulation. 3M’s Thinsulate is made by recycled plastic, which makes the jacket really warm and lightweight at the same time, explains the outerwear spe- cialist from Silkeborg, Denmark. He adds that Autumn 19 is filled with a great varia- tion of colours like olive, bronze, wine red and grey tones. Swept will also launch a new wool collec- tion in black and camel. - Additionally, we will launch comfortable quilted jackets with two-coloured reversi- ble racoon fur collars from Danwear Black Label, says Ole Poulsen. DANWEAR BLACK LABEL MODEBRANCHEN. | ISSUE NO 02 JANUARY 2019 | 105