Mobile Robotics Market Size, Share, Trend and Forecasts To 2025 Mobile Robotics Market - Global Industry Analysis

Mobile Robotics Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast 2017 - 2025 Global Mobile Robotics Market: Overview Mobile robots are automated machines that are mobile. These robots are capable of moving around without following a fixed path as compared to traditional robots. The rising concern over workspace efficiency is one of the major drivers for the mobile robotics market. In addition, the mobile robotics is also being adopted in defense industry. The mobile robots are extensively used in defense applications such as surveillance, security and inspection. In 2015, the Department of Homeland Security, U.S. announced a USD 4 trillion budget proposal for fiscal year 2016. Furthermore, The Pentagon also had plans of spending USD 2.9 billion for acquiring unmanned robotic systems. Moreover, the mobile robots are also expected to replace human soldiers in future. Furthermore, implementation of mobile robotics in China is also aiding to the growth of the market significantly. This 104-page report gives readers a comprehensive overview of the Mobile Robotics market. Browse through 57 data tables and 18 figures to unlock the hidden opportunities in this market. The increasing demand for efficient manufacturing in China is leading to government initiatives being taken to equip the factories with advanced mobile robots. The province of Guangdong, China has decided to invest USD 154 billion to install mobile robots. Furthermore, major manufacturers like Foxconn also plan to install more than a million robots in the next few years. China is world’s leading producer of a majority of items ranging from clothes to electronics. However, the country primarily depends on low cost and low skilled labors. The rising labor wages and slow economic growth has prompted the government to diversify its workforce and make the manufacturing facilities technology advanced. This factor has resulted into the increasing adoption of mobile robots in manufacturing industries. However, one factor limiting the demand for mobile robotics is the high cost for installation of these robots. Furthermore, purchasing an automated guided vehicle (AGV) is very costly when compared to hiring personnel or buying equipment. In addition, these robots undergo frequent wear and tear due to continuous function and need to undergo regular maintenance. The cost of maintenance is also high for these robots. Moreover, factories with smaller operations might not have access to such huge capitals and hence are unable to afford such robots. However, the falling prices of the components are expected to lower the price of AGVs in future. The high initial cost involved with these robots is expected to hinder the growth of the market moderately during the forecast period. Global Mobile Robotics Market: Segmentation The global mobile robotics market has been segmented by types into unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), unmanned ground vehicle (UGV), unmanned surface vehicle (USV) and autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV). The UGVs held the largest market share during the forecast period. These robots are now widely used in medical and healthcare segment for delivery of medicines and equipment and instruments. Increasing use of mobile robots in defense is one of the important factors bolstering the demand of unmanned ground vehicles in the global market. Since these vehicles operate autonomously, they can be used to accomplish missions in dangerous, inconvenient and difficult situations.