MO EDU-SAIL Learning Packages Direct Instruction - Page 77

Professional Development to Practice Practice Profile Implementation with fidelity requires clearly described implementation criteria. The Practice Profile framework has recently been developed by the National Implementation Research Network (NIRN) as a way of outlining implementation criteria using a rubric structure with clearly defined practice-level characteristics (NIRN, 2011). According to NIRN, the Practice Profile emerged from the conceptualization of the change process outline in the work of Hall and Hord’s (2006) Innovation Configuration Mapping (NIRN, 2011). The Practice Profile template includes four pieces and is anchored by the essential functions. First, as a header is the foundation of implementation that philosophically grounds implementation. Then moving from left to right across the template are the essential functions of the practice, implementation performance levels, and lastly, evidence which provides data or documentation for determining implementation levels. How to Use the Practice Profile The essential functions align with the teaching/ learning objectives for each learning package. For each teaching/learning objective are levels of implementation. For some essential functions, proficient and exemplary implementation criteria are the same and in others, criteria differ. Close to proficient levels of implementation suggest the skill or practice is emerging and coaching is recommended for moving toward more proficient implementation. When implementation is reported at the unacceptable variation level, follow-up professional development in addition to coaching is recommended. The professional development provider should walk through the practice profile with the educator-learners, referring to the data and artifacts listed as suggested evidence. It is an important tool for self-monitoring their own implementation because it serves as a reminder as to the implementation criteria and is also aligned with the fidelity checklists. Missouri Collaborative Work Practice Profile Foundations present in the implementation of each essential component: Commitment to the success of all students and to improving the quality of instruction. Direct Instruction Essential Function Exemplary Proficiency Ideal Implementation Close to Proficient Proficient (Skill is emerging, but not yet to ideal proficiency. Coaching is recommended.) Far from Proficient (Followup professional development and coaching is critical.)