MO EDU-SAIL Learning Packages Developing Assessment Capable Learners Overview - Page 42

Professional Development to Practice Key Factors in Developing a Le a rning Orie nta tion in Stude nts ● Ha ving c le a r le a rning ta rge ts or visions a nd ma king the m c le a r to stude nts ● Foc using instruc tion, le a rning a c tivitie s, a nd dia gnostic a sse ssme nt on the le a rning ta rge ts ● Ensuring your a sse ssme nt pra c tic e s tre a t le a rning a s a progre ssion a nd mista ke s a s a wa y to le a rn ● Struc turing suffic ie nt pra c tic e time with fe e dba c k be fore the gra de d e ve nt ● Te a c hing stude nts to se lf-a sse ss a nd se t me a ningful goa ls for furthe r le a rning (Chappuis, 2016)