MO EDU-SAIL Learning Packages Developing Assessment Capable Learners Overview - Page 35

Professional Development to Practice Teacher Strategies for Developing Asse ssme nt Ca pa ble Le a rne rs To help students know where they are going, I need to: 1. Provide clear and understandable vision of the learning target. 2. Use examples and models of strong and weak work. To help students know where they are now, I need to: 3. Offer regular descriptive feedback. 4. Teach students to self-assess and set goals. To help students know how to close the gap, I need to: 5. Use evidence of student learning needs to determine next steps in teaching. 6. Design focused instruction, followed by practice with feedback. 7. Provide students opportunities to track, reflect on, and share their learning progress. (Chappuis, 2015)