MO EDU-SAIL Learning Packages Developing Assessment Capable Learners Overview - Page 20

Professional Development to Practice High-impa c t Forma tive Asse ssme nt Pra c tic e s Pra c tic e s yie lding la rge a c hie ve me nt ga ins involve d the following a c tions: 1. Dia gnostic a sse ssme nt: Use of c la ssroom disc ussions, c la ssroom ta sks, a nd home work to de te rmine the c urre nt sta te of stude nt le a rning/unde rsta nding, with a c tion ta ke n to improve le a rning/c orre ct misunde rsta ndings. 2. Fe e dba c k: Provision of de sc riptive fe e dba c k, with guida nc e on how to improve , during the le a rning. 3. Pe e r a nd se lf-a sse ssme nt: De ve lopme nt of stude nt se lf- a nd pe e r-a sse ssme nt skills. (Chappuis, 2015)