MNTL Hilights report web (Apr. 2016) - Page 4

8 RESEARCH BRIEFS MNTL HIGHLIGHTS REPORT 2014-2015 PROJECT MANAGER Laura Schmitt CONTRIBUTING WRITERS Liz Ahlberg, Meg Dickinson, Rick Kubetz, Jonathan Lin, Laura Schmitt 18 FACULTY AWARDS DESIGN Winter Agency IMAGES Brian Stauffer, Greg Pluta, Thompson • McClellan, Jonathan Lin, Janet Sinn-Hanlon, Design Group@VetMed (pg 12) 19 INDUSTRY AFFILIATES PROGRAM MNTL ADMINISTRATION 24 27 RESEARCH FUNDING DIRECTOR Brian T. Cunningham INDUSTRY AFFILIATES PROGRAM MANAGING DIRECTOR Greg Pluta STUDENT RESEARCH FACILITIES MANAGER Ken Tarman BUSINESS OFFICE MANAGER Nandini Topudurti BIONANOTECHNOLOGY LAB MANAGER Angana Senpan 30 MNTL IMPACT ASSISTANT DIRECTOR OF COMMUNICATIONS Laura Schmitt CENTER ADMINISTRATION Center for Nanoscale Science & Technology Executive Director and Research Faculty Agricultural & Biological Engineering IRFAN AHMAD Center for Nanoscale Science & Technology and NSF Science & Technology Center: Emergent Behavior of Integrated Cellular Systems Program Coordinator CARRIE KOUADIO Center for Innovative Instrumentation Technology (NSF I/UCRC) Managing Director GREG PLUTA