MNTL Hilights report web (Apr. 2016) - Page 23

MATTHEW GILBERT received a 2014 NSF CAREER award—one of the agency’s most prestigious awards for junior faculty. Gilbert will use the research funding to determine the potential of topological materials to make information processing systems by understanding the light-matter interactions and high-frequency responses in topological nanosystems. GILBERT SONGBIN GONG received a prestigious 2014 DARPA Young Faculty award for a concept that aims to develop an integrated circuit design that replaces conventional CMOS transistor technology. Specifically, he aims to develop a system that dissipates very little energy as waste heat, and which can recover and reuse the most of the heat as additional energy. NICK HOLONYAK JR. received the University of Illinois Alumni Achievement Award for pioneering and world-renowned achievements in optoelectronics. The inventor of the first practical semiconductor LED and laser, Holonyak earned three electrical engineering degrees from Illinois (BS 1950, MS 1951, PhD 1954), conducting his doctoral research under two-time Nobel laureate John Bardeen. LI XIULING LI, JIANJUN CHENG, AND JOHN ROGERS were selected as the first class of College of Engineering Faculty Entrepreneurial Fellows to develop technology and test its commercial applications. Li also received a Donald Biggar Willett Faculty Scholar award, which recognizes mid-career College of Engineering faculty who excel in their contributions to the university. An Illinois faculty member since 2007, Li’s research is focused on nanostructured semiconductor materials and devices. LOGAN LIU was elected a 2015 Fellow of the A