MNTL Hilights report web (Apr. 2016) - Page 10

NEW COLLEGE OF MEDICINE TO ENHANCE RESEARCH OPPORTUNITIES WHEN THE NEW CARLE ILLINOIS COLLEGE OF MEDICINE WELCOMES ITS FIRST CLASS OF 25 STUDENTS IN THE FALL OF 2018, IT WILL BE THE FIRST SUCH COLLEGE IN THE COUNTRY TO BE SPECIFICALLY DESIGNED AT THE INTERSECTION OF ENGINEERING AND MEDICINE. MNTL DIRECTOR BRIAN CUNNINGHAM ENVISIONS THE COLLEGE OF MEDICINE WILL HELP FACILITATE NEW INTERACTIONS BETWEEN MNTL RESEARCHERS AND THE MEDICAL COMMUNITY. “The new College of Medicine will bring clinical researchers from many disciplines into closer proximity with MNTL faculty, providing opportunities for discussions that lead to research collaborations, and for research collaborations to translate into clinical practice,” said Cunningham, who recently led the formation of a new Illinois Partnership for Ophthalmology Engineering, which brings ophthalmologist faculty at the U of I Chicago campus together with Urbana engineering faculty for research collaborations aimed at drug delivery, diagnostic tests, surgical tools, and implanted devices. Bioengineering Department Head Rashid Bashir, a former MNTL director, was a key member of the team that helped develop plans for the medical school and guided the proposal through the campus and Board of Trustees approval process. “Microfluidics and nanotechnology as applied to biology and medicine will be important technology pillars of the new College of Medicine—both from a curriculum and research perspective,” said Bashir, who will co-chair the Carle Illinois College of Medicine’s core curriculum committee. “MNTL’s Bionanotechnology Lab and cleanrooms provide unique research and educational facilities for the physician inventors and innovators of tomorrow trained in the new College of Medicine.” 10