MMIA Magazine - Million Moms In Action Magazine June/July 2014 - Page 6

platinum sponsor Meet ophelia uke Soul Empowerer Enterprise My name is Ophelia Uke, Author/Motivational Speaker, whose main purpose at Soul Empowerer Enterprise is being of assistance to the developmental process for the attainment of others achieving a positive self image. Through my adversities I discovered my purpose and was able to revise myself by doing a self inventory, and releasing negative distortions, or as I would like to call them “ Stinking Thinking”. It is of extreme importance that you are no longer silenced or immobilized by the venom spewed from the mouths of your oppressors. My words are not purely for satisfaction of the carnal ear, it is for empowerment of the soul, which is the foundation of one’s being. With me you will become so conceited with self, that the opinion of others will be ineffective, as the affirmations spoken into your life will terminate every negative distortion. You will experience a transformation of the highest magnitude, wherein The volume of Your confidence will be louder than your voice. On her life’s purpose It took me a long time to figure out what my purpose in this life was. As unfortunate as that was, it ended up being a good thing, because it enabled me to grow more and to develop my walk with God, wherein I learned to rely solely on him. Once I did that, I came to realize that I had been standing in my purpose, just that I was so caught up in self that it rendered me unable to see the Greatness God had birthed in me. So now I spend my time helping others to see that they are so much more than they give themselves credit for. My purpose is to help others to shake every negative distortions they have of themselves, to shake the shackles of insecurities, to live a fulfill & purposeful life. “When I am in front of my audience my goals are to let them see that they are God’s perfect Creation, and as long as they believe in themselves then the opinions of others should bear no weight within their lives.” Ophelia 6 | MMIA Magazine | June 2014 On her most requested topic The topic I am known for speaking about mostly are: Confidence & Faith. My motto is “For with Confidence ones esteem cannot be broken, & with a high esteem one can Empower a Nation”. For Speaking Engagements, contact: 845-699-4175