MMIA Magazine - Million Moms In Action Magazine June/July 2014 - Page 32

exclusive interview SHE dreams 5 Practical Steps to Bring Your Dreams into Your Life By: Fila Antwine, Founder & CEO of Strengthening Her Essence ***5 Practical Steps to Bring Your Dreams into Your Life*** 1. Keep a Dream Journal – write down what When I was a little girl I had the biggest, coolest, most fantastic imagination. I would play in the mirror for hours and visualize myself as everything I wanted to be in those moments. I could seamlessly transform from a princess, to a school teacher, to a singer, to a mom of ten in seconds and without hesitation. If I could dream it up in my pretty little head it could happen. My dreams were real, fun, and always self fulfilling prophesies because I believed in them, and I never questioned my own imaginative power. Today I rely on that same imaginative power to take me to the personal and professional places I dream of going. As a wife, mom of two, personal development strategist, author, and speaker - I am often confronted with obstacles that force me to choose between what I want now, what I want most, and what needs to be done. There are times when the stress and strain feels back bending. Moments when everything falls apart and I think it won’t happen. I’ve had some nights when I have cried quietly in bed before going off to sleep because I simply didn’t know what else to do. It is in those moments of challenge that I harness the confidence of that little girl within. She reminds me to keep dreaming despite what I see. She points me in the direction of my children and helps me realize the importance of my role in their lives. Then I remember how much they need a mom who dreams and believes – in herself, in her vision, in her power to make it happen, and in them. A mom who dreams is a gift to her family. She infects courage in those around her by having the audacity to live with passion, purpose, and direction. She is an inspiration. Don’t buy the idea that you have to give up your dreams to be a good mom. Good moms know that they must be good to themselves and honor their hearts. You have a responsibility to fulfill your purpose. No matter what hurdles are in your way now – you can dream them away. The details will come, the steps will unfold, and the tools will appear because you have the imaginative power to create everything that you can dream up. You’re a mom! It doesn’t get more powerful than that. Fila Antwine you want to see, happen, or become. Writing it on paper transforms your goal from a thought to a thing. It makes it a physical part of your actual life and you can go back to it whenever you need to be reminded. 2. Read & Research – immerse yourself in relevant information. Find books and articles that support your desire by supplying you with steps to move you closer to actualization. 3. Play “Pretend” – imagine yourself accomplishing your goal. Visualization is a powerful tool that helps you become what you want. Use your imagination just as you did as a child. Dress the part, act the part, and see yourself in the role or position you want to be in. 4. Contact & Connect – reach out to people in and outside of your network who can help you. Contact those you know who may be able to provide advice, assistance, or guidance. Connect with new people through networking events, social media, or old fashioned small talk. You never know what can grow from planting a small seed of connection. 5. Motivate Yourself – you won’t always have the luxury of others to encourage you or cheer you on. Get into the habit now of thinking positively and reaffirming those positive thoughts. Believe in your ability to get from point A to B no matter what. Everything starts from nothing. Remember your power at all times. is a connection catalyst—a person who helps women reconnect to their inner strength and use it to build better personal and professional relationships with others. She speaks on and writes about topics that teach women how to harness the power of their femininity in areas of life and love. 32 | MMIA Magazine | June 2014